Al Ma'wa is located in one of the last remaining natural forests in the region. One of the main responsibilities of Al Ma'wa is to preserve the forest and all flora and fauna on the site allowing for the preservation and conservation of the biodiversity of the area. Wild animals rescued as a result of abuse and/or smuggling in and through Jordan and the region will be housed in Al Ma'wa in species specific enclosures where they will be provided with the necessary care and rehabilitation according to their needs. Where possible, local species will be rehabilitated and released into the wild. All other animals will be provided with a lifelong commitment of care and safety.

Through the establishment of Al Ma'wa, a number of job opportunities will be created. The people of the local communities surrounding Al Ma'wa will be given priority for employment in order to raise their standard of living for the local communities. Local residents will also be provided with the opportunity to create small projects where items may be marketed and sold at Al Ma'wa to the visitors of the site.

Education and awareness is the key to achieving sustainable change. Al Ma'wa will provide interactive education and awareness programmes for all visitors to the site along with a strong outreach programme. The programmes will focus on the importance of maintaining the natural world around us, stressing the need for biodiversity in all its elements. The concept of caring for all elements of creation; human, animal and the environment, will be highlighted in order to raise a generation of youth with a strong code of morals and ethics needed to maintain the natural world around us.

Al Ma'wa will provide a new tourist destination for the north of Jordan with an array of on-site activities. Al Ma'wa will partner with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Dibeen Nature Reserve and Ajlun Nature Reserve in order to create a 'nature trail' spanning the four sites, enhancing the experience for the local and international tourist. The four organisations will support one another in order to create a true change in the attitude and perception of biodiversity in the region.

There is a great lack of opportunity for student veterinarians to gain the all important practical training and experience required to develop there skills and consolidate their knowledge. Al Ma'wa will provide the venue and expert team of trainers for local, regional and international vets raising the level of proffessionalism and ability within this sector. An extensive training programme for animal management, handlers and keepers will be introduced, opening a new sector of experts for the local, regional and international market. Al Ma'wa will provide a research venue for all proffessionals and students in the field allowing for their to be greater exposure and study on the natural flora and fauna of the region and biodiversity in the area.